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 Post subject: On Gojushiho
PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:05 am 

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Some thoughts I'd had on the Daisho pair of Gojushiho.

The Gojushiho Dai-Sho seem to come from diifferent schools. If you look at the first clip it shows a version of Gojushiho that matches the sho (kokutsudachi) version but for a few differences. From the little research I've done it seems to come down from Chotoku Kyan. The clip labelled Useishi seems in the same vein.

The kokutsudachi Gojushiho seems to come from the Shito ryu which would trace back to Itosu, but has clearly been shotokanized and perhaps slightly blended with the kyan version. In fact I think both versions have been blended to get the current forms.

Also of note is the last performer. Apparently he learned karate from his father/grandfather who trained directly under Gichin Funakoshi. That Gojushiho is supposedly directly from GF.l

I think Funakoshi taught the original 15 kata syllabus as an overview of karate and that it was what Itosu wanted him to teach. I believe he taught it this way not because Itosu was his teacher, but because he was head of the karate popularisation movement and it was for him that GF had gone to Japan. However it has become my firm belief that Funakoshi was Ankoh Azato's student, Itosu came to teach him as his masters best friend, but that the differences in technique between GF's kata and that of the students of Itosu arise from a combination of the different lineage and the resultant manifestation of the shu-ha-ri process.
Also the way the kata were being taught to the Japanese, the way we do karate now, is different to how it was done in the old days on Okinawa. The versions of the kata GF taught were different too. Perhaps Mabuni was more up to date on the modern versions of the kata. This would explain why one particularly diligent student might have been taught a distinctly okinawan Gojushiho while the rest were told to go to Mabuni for the modern version.

David Burton

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