Genjitsu Karate Kai

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Welcome to Genjitsu Karate Kai

We are a practical martial arts school based in Swindon, Wiltshire, UK offering classes for men, women and children. Our comprehensive system of self-defence and personal protection is focussed firmly on the 'real world' rather than the competitive arena. We look beyond physical self defence techniques, equipping our students with the skills required to avoid, escape or defuse dangerous situations, and knowledge of the legal and ethical implications of self protection. This enables our students to make sound decisions about how to respond to potential threats, and to follow through with appropriate and above all effective action.

For experienced Karate practitioners, we offer an avenue to explore the practical aspects of traditional Karate often not taught in modern Karate schools, such as grappling, close-quarter defence, ground defence and defence against armed opponents. Our syllabus is founded upon applied Shotokan Karate kata techniques, using the 'Bunkai Jutsu' philosophy of Iain Abernethy 6th Dan, Chief International Coach of the World Combat Association

Monday's Classes

Starting in September, we will be moving Monday night training to New College SN3 1AH

timing will remain the same and we will be training in Dance Studio 2. Turn right from main reception and it should be signposted.

Beginners are welcome at any class
First Lesson Free

Iain Abernethy

Contact Andi to book your place at:

Children Class Working with Pads Andi teaching

Monday Classes are held at New College
Thursday Classes are held at St Joseph' s Catholic College