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The aim of the Genjitsu Karate Kai is to provide traditional karate training; not in a competition format but in the way it was originally intended - as a civilian self protection system. We aim to teach karate as a full art covering all ranges of combat. This, coupled with correct principles of zanshin (awareness), should equip our students to face the threats of violence in today' s society.


Summer Holidays

Beach ball

The last training session will be Thursday 31st July 2014
The first session after the break will be Thurs 4th September 2014

Adults... I will be in touch regarding Summer training...

"Andi Kidd is one of the most impressive bunkai teachers I have worked with."

His ceaseless exploration of the pragmatic aspects of our tradition have seen him develop a way of approaching kata that is very holistic. Andi is not one to be trapped by dogma, but instead he questions deeply and it is this approach that ensures what he teaches is always focused on the core traditional values of functionality and practicality. It's not just Andi's material that sets him apart, it's also the way in which he delivers that material. Andi is a warm and humorous guy who is able to effectively communicate his thinking. I highly recommend Andi to anyone who wants to practise karate in a logical and open-minded way.

Iain Abernethy

Children Working with Pads Andi teaching